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Diane Corey, LPC

It is understood that to be human is to suffer. The thing is, suffering doesn’t feel good, even if it is a natural part of life. My goal is to help others find some relief. Each path is different but I have worked with a broad spectrum of people who have improved their sense of relief and developed their own personal remedies to make this happen.


I have worked in the helping field throughout my college career and graduated with my Master’s in Counseling and a specialization in Addiction Studies in 2011. I became licensed as a Professional Counselor by the state of Pennsylvania in 2013. Throughout my career I have worked with all ages ranging from preschool age children to geriatric populations. I have worked in an array of settings from outpatient individual counseling to inpatient hospitalization. 


I enjoy working with individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, their families and children. I specialize in treating co-occurring disorders including Mood disorders, such as Depression and Bipolar disorders, and Anxiety disorders. I also enjoy focusing on managing extreme emotional disturbances, anger & control issues, trauma, LGBTQ+, and grief and loss. I enjoy working with all populations and have gained experience in many focuses. Everyone counts and everyone is welcomed in my space.


I knew early in life that understanding and guiding others was my calling. I love people- how we work, what motivates us, how we think, and how we persevere. I am grateful to be a part of each of my client’s individual growth and contentment. I hope to encounter many others in pursuit of living their best lives and to be a part of their journey.

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